Balinese Wedding at our shala

Balinese traditional wedding has profound procession stages takes place in beautiful island of gods, Bali. Igor and Via is newlywed in this term of love and deep compassion. Sharing one merry time with close friends and family, witness the opening path to a new life of being husband and wife forever.

The Balinese traditional ceremony was held at Griya Penyaringan Sanur, where pedande and mangku, all high priests, led the process of purification and unite the two souls. Continue with charming evening tea and delicate vegetarian and Balinese dishes at Griya Taman Sari Sanur, home of Yoga Umah Shakti.

Each of the process of traditional Balinese wedding starts with the prayers to the mother earth, grant a prosperity life in this material phenomena. And thus, continue with prayers for the gods and goddesses for life full of gratitude, happiness, luck, peace in mind and serenity along the lifetime of being married. All of prayers represented in “banten”, the material eternity which is taken from the wealth of the mother earth, and become part of the human life.

Those who has faith in love will live in everlasting happiness, and the island always give a way out to every obstacle in life. Life become meaningful path to walk on, sharing merits and gratefulness to the universe.


Regular Schedule in March 2018

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