Balinese Wedding at our shala

Balinese traditional wedding has profound procession stages takes place in beautiful island of gods, Bali. Igor and Via is newlywed in this term of love and deep compassion. Sharing one merry time with close friends and family, witness the opening path to a new life of being husband and wife forever.

The Balinese traditional ceremony was held at Griya Penyaringan Sanur, where pedande and mangku, all high priests, led the process of purification and unite the two souls. Continue with charming evening tea and delicate vegetarian and Balinese dishes at Griya Taman Sari Sanur, home of Yoga Umah Shakti.

Each of the process of traditional Balinese wedding starts with the prayers to the mother earth, grant a prosperity life in this material phenomena. And thus, continue with prayers for the gods and goddesses for life full of gratitude, happiness, luck, peace in mind and serenity along the lifetime of being married. All of prayers represented in “banten”, the material eternity which is taken from the wealth of the mother earth, and become part of the human life.

Those who has faith in love will live in everlasting happiness, and the island always give a way out to every obstacle in life. Life become meaningful path to walk on, sharing merits and gratefulness to the universe.


Lilik Manuaba


Lilik is a yoga teacher. She is the founder of Umah Shakti Yoga. Her dedication to the the desire of bhakti gives the greatest motivation to start the yoga journey in her life.

she has started her practice for more 10 years, in a public and private classes. About 2 years ago she decided to take her first yoga teacher training at Yayasan Ananda Marga in Bali. Since then, her life has turned to different dimension. Yoga teaching has helped her to understand the meaning of life and she gains more understanding through all of the teaching, sharing and learning process.

The asana practice with Lilik is gentle and relaxing. She often add some twist and surprise such as therapeutic massage during classes which help many of her student to feel more comfortable for the practice. Breathing and meditation has always become the core of each of the practice, thus help to gain focus and concentration throughout the practice.

Certified 50 HR Yin Yoga, Trigger Point Therapy
Completion 100 HR Ashtanga Hatha Classic
Certified 200 RYT Hatha Yoga



Via Wijaya


Via is a yoga teacher, inner beauty and chakra healer. She also the founder of Healing Breath therapeutic breathing and trauma release. Her background study of social science and communication, helps her deeper understanding about the general situation to each of her client, passing through the realization to the reality of life.

She has practice yoga for more than 9 years and completed studies of Hatha yoga, Yin Yoga and Trigger Point therapy, Flyhigh yoga and Spine Therapy, Mindful Insight Meditation, Inner Beauty Healing and Therapeutic Breathing & Trauma Release for the complete teaching for asana, pranayama through breathwork and meditation.

The asana class with Via include the alignment movements of physical body and breathing slowly. Meditation and practice of concentration become the core to link each conscious movements. At the eand of each practice is closed with energetic healing and relaxation.

The Inner Beauty Healing is a combination of breathing practice, enegertic healing and meditation especially helps to calm the mind. The technique is using focus and concentration, gentle physical movement and breath gaining the traquility in the mind which beneficial for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. This practice helps to emit the inner beauty of the practitioners to be expressed on the surface or their physical and mental state to bring harmony in life.

The Healing Breath Therapeutic Breathing and Trauma Release involves a simple technique that opens up the full potential of the breathing system for a better physical health and emotional well being. This breathing practice is a self-healing modality. The technique helps to integrate suppressed emotions and feelings throught the process of re-experiencing them within the breathing practice. It is a regular breathing practice that has been known to eliminate sickness, addiction, psychosomatic illness, stress, depression, trauma and many other disorder. By increasing our breath we increase our life and can access more energy. Breath is also the main way for our body to detoxify. The combination of breathing and energy work helps many of her client to release emotional and mental tension which bring calmness to the mind for a peaceful feelings through day to day life. More info at Healing Breath Bali.

Certified 50 HR Yin Yoga, Trigger Point Therapy
Completion of 240 HR Mindful Meditation Retreat Practice
Certified 200 RYT Hatha Yoga
Certified 50 RYT Flyhighyoga
Completion 80 HR Inner Beauty Healing
500 HR Therapeutic Breathing & Trauma Release


Special: Celebrating International Yoga Day at Beachwalk Kuta

The highest honor and greatest thank you for Beachwalk Team who has given us the opportunity to held a special session of yoga asana at the beautiful Fountain Stage of Beachwalk Shopping Center on 21 June 2017.


There were more than 20 yogis participating on the asana session. Talkshow was fun with many conversation about body and mind, how to re-balance and get to the core of the nature understanding.

We wish this memories this stay in the heart of all yogis, especially those who were participating, so we all can connect again in the future.

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A Celebration of Life: 1st Anniversary

Time flies is real. Or may be time is actually not exist anyway. One years has passed easily. Each moments has filled with new opportunity and new chances. New days each morning full of motivation and curiosity to learn about something new, to have a better understanding about living the life of being a human.

Our 1st anniversary was held on 28 May 2017. Series of special events along this celebration is collected on a theme of “A Celebration of Life: 1st Anniversary” was started with kirtan with our beloved Ananda Marga family. Huge thank you for Dada Vibhakarananda who led the ceremony, and all Ananda Marga family that has share your time and experience with us at our home.

The next day, practice continue with Healing Breath open class, another profound session for both participants and facilitator. Our new Healing Breath program of Facilitator Training will be start soon, come see more details on

And finally on the celebration day, was held one full day of asana practice. Starting in the morning with power yoga, continue with anti-gravity yoga, and flyhigh yoga for kids, yin yoga for elderly and closed with Thai yoga massage class in the evening. The hype of bazaar with beautiful souvenir, and merchandises, vegetarian food and special Korean dishes and Balinese dishes for option.

We wish this memories may be able to stay within our heart, bounding us together to arise and face our long-live future with happiness and peace in our heart.


Further info, please contact Via (+628176881511) or Devi (+6281339321646) or email to