Trauma Release Basic – 20 Jan 2018

Dalam workshop kali ini, kita akan membahas mengenai teknik pernapasan yang dapat membantu meringankan efek trauma secara emosional seperti halnya: kegelisahan, rasa takut dan khawatir yang berlebihan, ketakutan tanpa alasan. Dan bahkan efek trauma yang menyebabkan rasa sakit ada tubuh fisik seperti sakit kepala berkepanjangan, kejang otot dibagian tubuh tertentu, pikiran tidak tenang dan sebagainya.

Teknik melepaskan trauma yang akan dipelajari adalah kombinasi antara teknik pernapasan dengan olah gerak tubuh fisik yang dapat membantu timbulnya “tremor” atau getaran lembut pada tubuh bagian bawah di sektar pinggang, tulang belakang, paha dan kaki. Tremor adalah salah satu cara yang paling efektif yang dilakukan oleh tubuh fisik kita untuk melepaskan trauma emosional maupun trauma fisik. Sehingga dengan menimbulkan tremor, tubuh kita secara alami melakukan proses penyembuhan trauma secara alami.

Teknik pernapasan yang akan kita pelajari nanti bukan hanya bermanfaat untuk melepaskan trauma dalam tubuh, namun juga penting untuk membantu melancarkan peredaran nutrisi dan sirkulasi darah dalam tubuh, menghilangkan jaringan yang “tersumbat” karena stress serta bermanfaat untuk menstabilkan kadar oksigen dalam otak, agar kerja organ-organ tubuh pun semakin optimal.



In this workshop, we will discuss about a breathing technique that may help to reduce post-trauma effect emotionally such as feeling of anxiety, worry, fear, stress disorder and confusion. Also can help to release post-trauma effect on physical level, such as chronic pain on the head, or back, muscle knot and so on.

We will learn the technique to release trauma with combination of breathwork and initiate tremor. Tremor is the natural way that is used by our body to release trauma both physically and emotionally. Target area for the tremor on this stage is on the lower back, on the hips and legs which relate a lot with feelings of fear.

This technique of breathing is not only help to reduce post-trauma effect but also very important to help stabilize the circulation of nutrition and oxygen in the body, helps to maintain the oxygen in the brain in order for all organ to work optimally.



Regular Class January 2018

The spiritual journey starts with question “Who am I?” which arise in the conscious mind. The curiosity to this answer leads to the spiritual path and thus spiritual path has began.




Lilik Manuaba


Lilik is a yoga teacher. She is the founder of Umah Shakti Yoga. Her dedication to the the desire of bhakti gives the greatest motivation to start the yoga journey in her life.

she has started her practice for more 10 years, in a public and private classes. About 2 years ago she decided to take her first yoga teacher training at Yayasan Ananda Marga in Bali. Since then, her life has turned to different dimension. Yoga teaching has helped her to understand the meaning of life and she gains more understanding through all of the teaching, sharing and learning process.

The asana practice with Lilik is gentle and relaxing. She often add some twist and surprise such as therapeutic massage during classes which help many of her student to feel more comfortable for the practice. Breathing and meditation has always become the core of each of the practice, thus help to gain focus and concentration throughout the practice.

Certified 50 HR Yin Yoga, Trigger Point Therapy
Completion 100 HR Ashtanga Hatha Classic
Certified 200 RYT Hatha Yoga



Via Wijaya


Via is a yoga teacher, inner beauty and chakra healer. She also the founder of Healing Breath therapeutic breathing and trauma release. Her background study of social science and communication, helps her deeper understanding about the general situation to each of her client, passing through the realization to the reality of life.

She has practice yoga for more than 9 years and completed studies of Hatha yoga, Yin Yoga and Trigger Point therapy, Flyhigh yoga and Spine Therapy, Mindful Insight Meditation, Inner Beauty Healing and Therapeutic Breathing & Trauma Release for the complete teaching for asana, pranayama through breathwork and meditation.

The asana class with Via include the alignment movements of physical body and breathing slowly. Meditation and practice of concentration become the core to link each conscious movements. At the eand of each practice is closed with energetic healing and relaxation.

The Inner Beauty Healing is a combination of breathing practice, enegertic healing and meditation especially helps to calm the mind. The technique is using focus and concentration, gentle physical movement and breath gaining the traquility in the mind which beneficial for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. This practice helps to emit the inner beauty of the practitioners to be expressed on the surface or their physical and mental state to bring harmony in life.

The Healing Breath Therapeutic Breathing and Trauma Release involves a simple technique that opens up the full potential of the breathing system for a better physical health and emotional well being. This breathing practice is a self-healing modality. The technique helps to integrate suppressed emotions and feelings throught the process of re-experiencing them within the breathing practice. It is a regular breathing practice that has been known to eliminate sickness, addiction, psychosomatic illness, stress, depression, trauma and many other disorder. By increasing our breath we increase our life and can access more energy. Breath is also the main way for our body to detoxify. The combination of breathing and energy work helps many of her client to release emotional and mental tension which bring calmness to the mind for a peaceful feelings through day to day life. More info at Healing Breath Bali.

Certified 50 HR Yin Yoga, Trigger Point Therapy
Completion of 240 HR Mindful Meditation Retreat Practice
Certified 200 RYT Hatha Yoga
Certified 50 RYT Flyhighyoga
Completion 80 HR Inner Beauty Healing
500 HR Therapeutic Breathing & Trauma Release


Regular Schedule September 2017

The purpose of practicing yoga is not only about maintaining the physical beauty, but also maintain the mental beauty — the right thoughts, the right speech, the right action. This can only be achieved by understanding the spiritual principle of yoga.

This month’s regular asana practice:


Independence Day Celebration at Umah Shakti, A Dedication to the community

A dedication to our mother and father, in this vibrant independence day we present yin yoga and therapy “yoga tertawa” (laughing yoga) for elder and public. Such a unique approach to create peaceful mind by combining slow motion and long stretch of yin practice and fun approach of therapy “yoga tertawa”. This classes will rock your day and make your life become more excited!


Further info, please contact Via (+628176881511) or Devi (+6281339321646) or email to

Healing Breath Open Class August 2017

DAY/ DATE             : SATURDAY, 26 AUGUST 2017

TIME                       : 13.00 – 16.00

INVESTMENT        : IDR 250.000

SPACE                    : LIMITED TO 10 PARTICIPANTS

TEACHER              : VIA WIJAYA

About Via Wijaya at Healing Breath programs here.

Healing Breath programs is a collective programs to share and learn about breathing technique with a specific approach. The technique on Healing Breath eventually targeting to create tremor on the physical body in order for the body to create reaction in the mental and emotional expression state in the natural way. Why do we need to allow the body to express this mental state? Because in every single part of our physical body that was hurt or storing pain from the previous trauma, that part of the body will create “residue” or the waste energy in different form. When this waste is not being cleaned, it will stay in the body. This waste can be stored in the body in the form of water, gas, mucus, tears, etc. Thus waste if stored in a long term might cause damage to the inner organs.

For more information please visit
or send whatsapp to Via Wijaya (+628176881511) or email


Further info, please contact Via (+628176881511) or Devi (+6281339321646) or email to




Healing Breath “Silent Healing Program”, August 2017

One of the most profound jewel can be found in the deepest cave of the ocean. For those who seek for it with on open-hearted mind, they will find the wisdom through the journey seeking for it.

Silent Healing Program is our newest healing program which combine the wisdom knowledge through noble silence, meditation, yoga and breathing practice. This program is held in 2 night & 3 days in a beautiful meditation center in Bona village, Gianyar. Limited space, this practice will only be open exclusively for 6 participants. Price for this retreat including room, food and beverage, and learning material including teaching of Dhamma, understanding and practice of the noble silence, walking meditation, sitting meditation, within the meditation practice we will also learn chanting. Yoga asana practice, and breathing practice.

For details price, details activities schedule during retreat, retreat preparation and profile teachers please send email to (Via Wijaya).


Further info, please contact Via (+628176881511) or Devi (+6281339321646) or email to

Flyhigh Yoga For Kids August 2017



TIME : 10.30 – 12.00




Flyhigh yoga for kids is one of the most favorite program. The classes is open for public kids with age 7 years old and older. The class is flowing gently, with different adventurous and fun asana poses. Kids love to try new challenge, with fun and save teaching procedures.


For further information and booking, please contact:

Lilik Manuaba (+6281338584438)

Via Wijaya (+628176881511)

Devi Pande (+6281339321646)


Further info, please contact Via (+628176881511) or Devi (+6281339321646) or email to