The repetitive behavior we exhibit during yoga class started long before we stepped onto the mat. The classroom is simply the arena in which we can witness our deeply ingrained habits, in all their glory. In a good class, as we practice, awareness of needing to be in a yoga class grows in our body and thoughts, and is supported by omens and feelings from every single experience within the class. Each impression we get of yoga through class gives us an opportunity to decide whether we will step into a deeper and longer journey into the yoga world. Finding a class that fits your needs and capability and makes you comfortable is the first step!


LILIK MANUABA | Hatha yoga,  Trigger Points Therapy  | With the motherhood figure, she dedicate her practice for bhakti yoga. Aiming to benefit as many people as possible. Get to know Lilik!



DEVI PANDE | Power Yoga, Prenatal Yoga  | The energetic figure, she presents dynamic rhythm in her class. Pumping the heart, best for cardio practice. With her gentle approach the practice always feels easier. Get closer to Devi!



TJOK MIRAH | Yin & Yang Balance, Trigger Point Therapy  | Soft and calm figure, she presents a peaceful atmosphere in her class. With meditative mind, she brings healing energy to the students. Get closer to Tjok!



VIA WIJAYA | Vinyasa Gentle Flow, Flyhighyoga, Trigger Point Therapy, Healing Breath  | Combine breathing, postures, chanting and sound brings unique experience in every of her class. Get closer to Via!



MANOHARA | Anti-Gravity Practice   | More than 15 years teaching yoga with his gentle heart. His character has made him the favorite to all students. Get closer to Mano!



OMPRAKASH | Ananda Marga/ Hatha Yoga  | Fun and energetic young man, He presents a gentle flow throughout his class. His class aims to stretch the deepest part of the muscles. Get closer to Omprakash!



ADE ADINATA | Ashtanga Practice  | Discipline is the core of the Ashtanga practice. He is very precise about the alignments of the postures. Thus students benefit more. Get closer to Ade!



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