Prenatal Yoga Bali

Bali Prenatal Yoga is a innovative yoga specially for pregnant women group or private. This practice is specify to help practitioners to feel relaxed and also helps to release tension especially on the hips, back & spine, shoulders and neck area. Also to strengthen the legs and tights muscles.

The asana is performed in slow pace with deep breath and relaxed mind in order to maintain the bodily circulation and energetic circulation, also gaining focus and concentration and decrease stress and crowded mind, these are benefit of prenatal yoga.

When shall you start practice prenatal yoga? The best practice starts as early as possible. However, some women has difficulties at the beginning of her prenatal stage, therefore best start practice on week 12th of the pregnancy. How often should you practice yoga when pregnant? The practice is best to be performed at least once or twice a week to help maintain strength and flexibility of the body. As when pregnant most joints become more flexible, practitioners must gain strength of the muscle to support the joints. How long each class should be? Normally class for pregnancy yoga is being done in 60 – 70 minutes, it is all depend on the condition of the body. Best not to over-worked with the body, practitioners must check-in with the body at all time and not get too tired.

Our prenatal yoga is available every Wednesday , at 10.00 – 11.00 AM at Yoga Umah Shakti. This class is only based on reservation. Please book your space or contact us for further question.


Further info, please contact Via (+628176881511) or Devi (+6281339321646) or email to | FACEBOOK:

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