Pranayama Practice Yoga Bali

bali pranayama yoga

Pranayama comes from Sanskrit word which translated into  “the extension of the prana”. Pranayama contains two words: “prana” which means life force and “ayama” means to restrain or control the prana.

Prana as the life force is a form of energy which we cannot see, touch, smell, hear or feel the physical form. However, this energetic exist within our body and helps us to maintain our bodily circulation. The energetic enforcement is a very subtle form, thus in order to connect, regain and maintain it’s quality, the practice must be done in a very gentle and soft technique most efficiently through breath.

Therefore we often known pranayama as a set of breathing technique sequences that helps us to improve to maintain the quality of our physical body and also helps to empower our mental body. Thus, when practice pranayama we must include our quality of the mind and thoughts, as it will influence the quality of our practice.

Benefits of practicing pranayama are mainly helps us to clear the mind, so we understand the path of spiritual journey and not being captured or stuck in this crowded life. Pranayama also helps to decrease stress and confusion, helps to regain self-confidence and self-comfort through understanding of the truest-self-desire.


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