Identifying Blockage in Chakras

When sickness manifest in some part of the body, this might be related to some blockages (opening or closing) of the chakras. A blockage in one primary chakras causes imbalance to the rest of the chakras. This blockages can be overwhelming and in some cases causing severe illness and discomfort in the body. That’s why it is important to find out where is the main blockage what cause the blockages. This knowledge in some way can be a helpful guidance to restore the free flow of energy in your body.


root chakra

Color: Red | Element: Earth | Location: Base of Spine | Work of wheel: This chakra correspond with basic sense of survival both physical and mental state. Become the foundation that concern about life survival, comfort, safety, shelter and belonging.

When the Root Chakra (Muladhara) is closed or blocked: you feel stuck, slow and sluggish. You experience unrelenting stress due to the belief that you must rely on external circumstances, you may have persistent financial problem and feel that you are less-in-your-ideal-career. This might also because you have been abandoned by your parents, so you feel that you must survive in life and constantly getting by or going without. You might not hate or not satisfy about your body and who you are.

When the Root Chakra (Muladhara) is opened: You have strong connectin with your family and people you care about and loved, as result you feel loved and wanted. You feel like you are belong to where you are. You comfort with your body and feel satisfy about your life. You are confident with money and managing it well, having enough for what you need and what you want.



Color: Orange | Element: Water | Location: Below the navel become the physical center and looking at the body from head to toe | Work of Wheel: Relates with sexuality and the nature of relationship, freedom of guilt, pleasure, sensations, creativity and joys of life.

When Sacral Chakra (Svadisthana) is blocked or closed: You will find difficulties to allow yourself to feel emotional and have difficulties in your intimate sexuality. You might feel abused, hurt and confused, don’t trust that you can be loved. You have believe that sex is bad, or have belief that you have a bad manner in your sexual acts. You have feeling that you have to be sexy to be loved. You struggle with your healthy self-image. You move from one relationship to another, and desperately trying to find “the one” yet lacking sense that you are worthy of love.

When Sacral Chakra (Svadisthana) is opened: You have strong sense of your sexuality and recognize it as one of your most powerful creative energy. You create a healthy sexual experience with other that honor you and you enjoy pleasure in many different life experience.



Color: Yellow | Element: Fire | Location: Above the navel, to inches below the breastbone | Work of wheel: Take care of the relationship with yourself, personal power, self-esteem, self-worth and freedom of shame.

When Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra is closed or blocked: You feel that you are the victim of the world and often feel powerless relative with other people and in many circumstances. You easily give your power away to others as you feel that it is necessary to keep peace in relationship. You will find difficulties to take action in your dreams dues to sense of powerlessness and low self-esteem. In physical body, you might have problem or suffer with stomach pain or stomach anxiety.

When Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra is opened: You have strong sense of your own power and how to decide and make healthy way of living. You admire and appreciate others with power and influence and choose people who support you. You want to use your power to become a good influence in the world.



Color: Green | Element: Air | Location: Center of chest | Work of wheel: relates with understanding of love (both to other and self-acceptance) and spirituality, compassion, emotional zone, power of masculine and feminine of the self and forgiveness.

When Heart (Anahata) chakra is blocked or closed: You are afraid of commitments and have feling that you must please others to be loved. You have been hurt many times in relationship so then you have feeling that you must protect yourself in order not to be hurt again. You have problem with giving and receiving love and being compassionate. You hold grudge (anger and distrust) and become needy in relationships. In physical body, you might experience illness such asthma, skin problem or allergies.

When Heart (Anahata) chakra is opened: You are comfortable in your relationship. You can give and receive love easily, and you feel a heartfelt of gratitude for how wonderful your life is. You appreciate other and feel compassion for yourself and others without feeling sorry for other.



Color: Blue | Element: Sound/  Ether | Location: Hollow of throat | Work of wheel: this chakra works as your communication center, your voice and your creative self-expression. Speaking of truth, words come from your willpower, you have ability to listen and being heard.

When the Throat (Vissudhi) Chakra is blocked or closed: You feel afraid to express yourself with your word, you afraid to speak up and say what you feel. You are more comfortable to go along with others so you don’t upset anyone. You feel frustrated because you don’t feel that other people hear what you have to say. In physical body, you may have problem with sore throat and throat problem.

When the Throat (Vissudhi) Chakra is opened: You are comfortable speaking your truth. Others are listening to you and you feel that you are heard and honored for your truth.




Color: Indigo/ Blue |  Element: Light | Location: Between eyebrows | Work of wheel: Responsible for psychic abilities such as intuition as well as sense of purpose of your life, self-reflection, visualization, discernment and trust your own intuition.

When Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra is blocked or closed: You have problem with finding meaning in life, and often have confusion answering the question of “Why am I here?” You feel disconnected with you intuition, or don’t feel like you have any intuition. You have trouble making decisions and you feel lost when it comes to your spiritual purpose and path in life. You feel frustrated that there is something wrong with you as you feel like other people have this intuition sense and you don’t. In physical body, you feel tension in your brows area and headache in the front part of your head.

When Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra is opened: Your intuition is your constant guide that you trust and act on with confidence. You have a strong sense of your own inner truth and listen to and follow it s it guides you on your life path.



Color: Violet | Element: Thoughts | Location: Top of head | Work of wheel: This is the connection between you and the divine. It is responsible for spirituality, belief system, revelation, divine consciousness and enlightenment. Your brain function and central nervous system are controlled by the crown chakra.

When your Crown Chakra is blocked or closed: You experience loneliness, insignificance and meaningless life. You may feel a strong attachment to material possession and achievements, you often define yourself based on your material belongings and disconnect from spiritual side of life. You feel no connection and no guidance from higher power and often lost with your own delusional thought. You feel unworthy of spiritual help and you are full of anger with your belief that your higher power abandoned you. In physical body, you often suffer from migraines and tension headache.

When your Crown Chakra is opened: You feel connected to higher power and sense that you are being watched over, protected and cared for. You know you deserve immense blessings. you feel immense gratitude for the universal love and appreciation you feel towards yourself and others.


These list of symptoms of blockages can become the primary surface indication for us to learn and to know deeper about ourselves.

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What is Chakra? Yoga for Chakra Cleansing

Practice yoga in Bali is a perfect experience in our life. The beautiful land of Gods provide powerful source of energy helps our nature to regain and rebuild the life force inside ourselves, including the wheel of life, our chakras.

At the inner core of each of us spin seven wheel energy centers, called chakras. Swirling intersections of vital life force, each chakra reflects an aspect of consciousness essential to our lives. Together the seven chakras form a system for that consciousness enables us to better ourselves — in the mind, body, manner and behavior and finally to enlighten our tradition and culture. This system is a valuable tools for personal and society growth.

Chakras are center of activity for reception, assimilation and transmission of life forces. All of our action and understanding arise and return to this points within ourselves, the chakras, as the core centers form a coordinating networks to our complicate body and mind system. This centers of chakras instinctual behavior to consciously planned strategies from emotional to artistic creations that governs our life, love, learning and illumination. Like the rainbow bridge, our chakras channel between mind and body, spirit and matter, past and future, Heaven and Earth.

The chakras are spoken of both as actual center and metaphor for the way our mind and body work together. It is a metaphoric qualities to express and expand mind, body and spirit focus on a gradual healing of both the inner personal quality and outer society relations, thus finally create an evolution of a human quality.

The chakra system works through many different quality of  person. The lower quality support higher quality to be achieved, vice versa, the higher quality cannot the express before the lower quality is clearance. Qualities relates to chakra system as below:

  • Survival: Grounding and focus in your life, easing the task of survival.
  • Sexuality: Opening, closing and balancing the sexuality energy to facilitate movements to progress and better changes.
  • Power: Including personal mental power and physical power, increase by understanding of the mind and body.
  • Communication: The understanding of communication as a rhythm of life, using sound to improve the consciousness.
  • Clairvoyance: Simplicity to develop intuition and psychic awareness using holographic consciousness.
  • Consciousness: Understanding the nature and instinct of being a human as physical being, mental being and spiritual being.
  • Relationship: Understand the relationship chakra system to improve the qualities of personal and inter-personal relationship.
  • Healing: Understand the core of the problem and walk the path of healing the self using the main tools and core center of the most powerful force.

When we work with chakras, we cannot separate our intelligent and our spiritual understanding. Both body of the material world, must be connected with the body of the spiritual world. Thus the healing will happen.


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Pranayama Practice Yoga Bali

bali pranayama yoga

Pranayama comes from Sanskrit word which translated into  “the extension of the prana”. Pranayama contains two words: “prana” which means life force and “ayama” means to restrain or control the prana.

Prana as the life force is a form of energy which we cannot see, touch, smell, hear or feel the physical form. However, this energetic exist within our body and helps us to maintain our bodily circulation. The energetic enforcement is a very subtle form, thus in order to connect, regain and maintain it’s quality, the practice must be done in a very gentle and soft technique most efficiently through breath.

Therefore we often known pranayama as a set of breathing technique sequences that helps us to improve to maintain the quality of our physical body and also helps to empower our mental body. Thus, when practice pranayama we must include our quality of the mind and thoughts, as it will influence the quality of our practice.

Benefits of practicing pranayama are mainly helps us to clear the mind, so we understand the path of spiritual journey and not being captured or stuck in this crowded life. Pranayama also helps to decrease stress and confusion, helps to regain self-confidence and self-comfort through understanding of the truest-self-desire.


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Prenatal Yoga Bali

Bali Prenatal Yoga is a innovative yoga specially for pregnant women group or private. This practice is specify to help practitioners to feel relaxed and also helps to release tension especially on the hips, back & spine, shoulders and neck area. Also to strengthen the legs and tights muscles.

The asana is performed in slow pace with deep breath and relaxed mind in order to maintain the bodily circulation and energetic circulation, also gaining focus and concentration and decrease stress and crowded mind, these are benefit of prenatal yoga.

When shall you start practice prenatal yoga? The best practice starts as early as possible. However, some women has difficulties at the beginning of her prenatal stage, therefore best start practice on week 12th of the pregnancy. How often should you practice yoga when pregnant? The practice is best to be performed at least once or twice a week to help maintain strength and flexibility of the body. As when pregnant most joints become more flexible, practitioners must gain strength of the muscle to support the joints. How long each class should be? Normally class for pregnancy yoga is being done in 60 – 70 minutes, it is all depend on the condition of the body. Best not to over-worked with the body, practitioners must check-in with the body at all time and not get too tired.

Our prenatal yoga is available every Wednesday , at 10.00 – 11.00 AM at Yoga Umah Shakti. This class is only based on reservation. Please book your space or contact us for further question.


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Bali Private Yoga Class

bali yoga teacher

Personalized your yoga practice with our amazing Bali yoga teacher. The private yoga class can be done at your home or villa, or you can also come to our shala at Yoga Umah Shakti.

At our shala, the private yoga classes will be performed at our tranquil open area wooden house. The schedule for private yoga classes at our shala is on Monday to Sunday anytime during 10.30 AM – 17.00 PM. Price for private classes at our shala starts from 250.000 per person, deepen on the material of practice. We also provide private wellness consultation, private breathing practices, chakra healing and injuries refinement.

If you are away from Sanur, our teachers would be happy to travel to your beautiful home as well. Prices are deepen on how far your place from our shala. Prices based on the area are below:

IDR 450.000, max 2 persons for Sanur and Denpasar area.

IDR 600.000, max 2 persons for Kuta and Seminyak area.

IDR 750.000, max 2 persons for Nusa Dua, Jimbaran and Canggu area.

All prices are not including yoga mat. More than 2 persons, additional IDR 100.000/ per person. Rent yoga mat IDR 25.000/ mat.

There are many types of asana practice we can learn during this session, some of these asana practice as Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Beginner Yoga and Yin Yoga. Especially for Prenatal yoga, prices are based on location and how many personin the group. Please ask us for assistance.

All prices above are only for one-time lesson. If you are eager to practice in longer term on time, there are special packages for you. Please feel free to contact +6281338584438 (WA Lilik Manuaba) for further information.

Special LED Ashtanga with IRENA BARTOLEC

Find yourself refreshed and rejuvenated with the LED Ashtanga Class for all level. Special teacher IRENA BARTOLEC will assist on your Ashtanga practice this Saturday!

About Irena:

Irena is an Authorised KPJAYI yoga teacher and head of the Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Program at The Seminyak Yoga Shala in Bali, Indonesia. Irena has 15 years of extensive teaching and work experience in the field of yoga. In 2004 Irena opened the first Yoga studio in her hometown of Zagreb, Croatia. She operated and taught at her studio for 10 years, establishing a traditional Ashtanga and vinyasa program in a rapidly growing yoga community. In 2014 Irena received her Authorisation Level One from The KPJAYI Institute in Mysore, India. Irena Bartolec has had the opportunity to learn from traditional teachers and masters from all over the world. She has studied with Sri. K. Patthabi Jois, Sharat R. Jois, Rolf Naujokat, Richard Freeman, Lino Miele and many others. Their great wealth of knowledge and generosity educated Irena in various yogic styles and philosophies. Irena also has experience teaching Kinesiology, Prenatal and Postnatal yoga, Restorative and Vinyasa yoga, Pilates and various wellbeing programs. Her teaching philosophy aims to balance strength with alignment for students to arrive at an open yet firm and grounded yoga practice. Irena Bartolec lives in Bali with her daughter, and she is the creator and director at Ashtanga Yoga Mama. She holds and organises annual retreats and workshops in Bali and Europe


Intensive 7 Days Pranayama

Pranayama comes from the word “prana” which means energy and “yama” which has the closets meaning with the word “control/ maintain” in English language. Pranayama practice works with control, maintain, restore energy in the body both mental and physically through breathing technique. The result of this practice is a full understanding of being in the relax state.

In this intensive practice, we are focusing Nadhi Sodhana and Ujjayi breath, two of the strongest and the most basic practice in pranayama breathing technique. Simple breathing technique you can continue practice at home which will give you a long lasting benefit throughout your life time.

Flyer in Bahasa Indonesia below: