A Celebration of Life: 1st Anniversary

Time flies is real. Or may be time is actually not exist anyway. One years has passed easily. Each moments has filled with new opportunity and new chances. New days each morning full of motivation and curiosity to learn about something new, to have a better understanding about living the life of being a human.

Our 1st anniversary was held on 28 May 2017. Series of special events along this celebration is collected on a theme of “A Celebration of Life: 1st Anniversary” was started with kirtan with our beloved Ananda Marga family. Huge thank you for Dada Vibhakarananda who led the ceremony, and all Ananda Marga family that has share your time and experience with us at our home.

The next day, practice continue with Healing Breath open class, another profound session for both participants and facilitator. Our new Healing Breath program of Facilitator Training will be start soon, come see more details on http://www.healingbreathbali.com

And finally on the celebration day, was held one full day of asana practice. Starting in the morning with power yoga, continue with anti-gravity yoga, and flyhigh yoga for kids, yin yoga for elderly and closed with Thai yoga massage class in the evening. The hype of bazaar with beautiful souvenir, and merchandises, vegetarian food and special Korean dishes and Balinese dishes for option.

We wish this memories may be able to stay within our heart, bounding us together to arise and face our long-live future with happiness and peace in our heart.


Further info, please contact Via (+628176881511) or Devi (+6281339321646) or email to umahshaktisanur@gmail.com

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