Beginner Yoga Bali

Yoga for beginners is designed to be followed by anyone who are new to physical yoga (asana) practice. The practice introduce slow-deep-connected breathing combines with gentle movements of postures.

Beginners yoga class is started with simple meditation, slow movements of warm up on seated position, warm up with Sun Salutation A and Sun Salutation B, coming to standing postures, balancing postures, seated position and cooling down positions. All practice incorporate movements and breathing dynamically and continuously. The teacher actively gives adjustments and assistance to each of participants while they’re doing their practice.

In the practice we are using the “heaven breath,” breath through the nose at all time. The heaven breath helps to calm the mind and allow the body to feel more relax while doing the asana. Besides also improve focus and concentration.


Further info, please contact Via (+628176881511) or Devi (+6281339321646) or email to | FACEBOOK:

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