An Introduction of Trigger Point Practice

A “trigger point” also known as a “muscle knot” is a small patch of tightly contracted muscle or an isolated spasm. This small patch of muscle chokes off its own blood supply, which causes irritation and can create a vicious cycle of damage known as “sick muscle syndrome”. This situation can cause major discomfort for many people.

Our Trigger point practice uses tools such as wooden balls and massage to release muscle tension. The application is based on aspects of Chinese medicine and knowledge of meridian lines that run through the body linking different organs and tissues.

Our Trigger Point Practice is very closely/ integrated to Yin Yoga practice. The healing approach is using the understanding of the meridian line from the Chinese medicine to find “usual” Trigger Point area throughout the body. In continuous practice, each of the practitioners may be able to explore their body in finding more muscle knots and release it gently.


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