Healing Breath Program

Healing Breath practice based on the breathing itself. On each of the session we combine energetic healing and spiritual act from our teachers.

On three hours of Healing Breath Open Class, our Balinese priest performs a ritual to cleanse the area and create an energetic “protection guard line” to ensure our space is saved for the practice. The priest then asks for permission and protection from all ancestor of the land (is Balinese tradition/ ritual) to support our practice and hold space for us, make us feel save. After that, we give explanation and introduction about the breathing exercise. Details of what is the breathing about, what is trauma, what is emotional release, why we have trauma, what is the benefit of the breathing exercise enclosed by intention setting by each of the participants. The energetic healing during the class allows each of the participants to experience their own feelings and get through their powerful healing process.

The Healing Breath Open Class is one of the most powerful tools to tap in to our feelings which sometimes is not easy for us. Why do we need to understand our feelings?

Breathing is the door way to access both of your conscious and unconscious mind. The practice of conscious breathing allows us to respond calmly and sensibly in the face of challenge, we learn to deal with whatever arises in life without denial and panic. All healing is about returning to our normal state, and breathing practice is a self respond method to return to our natural state. More benefits here.

Our Healing Breath Programs include:

Healing Breath Open Class

Healing Breath Semi-Private Class

Healing Breath Weekend Retreat


Further info, please contact Via (+628176881511) or Devi (+6281339321646) or email to umahshaktisanur@gmail.com

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